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There are a number of real estate agencies out there who have the mentality of “Sell Sell! Sell!” no matter what the circumstances are and do not stop until you make the sale. While this can be a respectable position to take and can definitely yield more cash in your pocket, there really is a code of ethics that any reputable agent should adhere to.


valueWe here at Think Outside the Box Solutions hold our code of ethics and integrity to the highest degree and doing otherwise will only yield short term results.

Now that we have talked about going through a professional home inspector before any deals are made, I will give you an example of a recent sale that one of my agents was involved in. A couple had their eyes on a beautiful 3 bedroom condo and everything looked absolutely perfect from the outside and did not feel the need to have any further inspections other than their own before wanting to make an offer.

Now he could have avoided having an inspection done, but that is not what we stand for here and he would not go through with the sale before hiring a professional to take a look and can you guess what happened?

Yep, the insulation and work done below the roof of the house was a mess. There was rot and mold due to neglect in the past and the couple refused to purchase the home until the work was done by a professional roofing contractor. Properly installing asphalt or metal roofs is extremely important to the foundation of any home or building and greatly increases the value. Unfortunately there are a variety of shingles styles that were designed to appear like they are made from the highest quality of materials but in reality are cheap and are made just for aesthetics.

If you want to make sure your roof and property maintain their maximum value potential, storm and weather proofing is a great way to increase the lifespan, and value, of any home.

Don’t EVER try to deceive your clients. It will only hurt your image, and income, in the long run.

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