Don’t Hurt Yourself

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While looking over our last post, I think a very important theme to keep and take from it and everything else we talk about here at Think Outside the Box Solutions is that not upholding your honesty and integrity will only severely hurt you and your name in the long run.

soldShort Term Goals

What I have seen time and time again as an agent is that many people who are new to the industry try and make a sale as quick as possible and move on to the next sale right away. While this may bring you success, you better believe it will only be short term success. You need to rely on your clients to spread your good name around and not have it tarnished in any way.

Remember that this isn’t a race and that slow and steady is always better than a dash to the finish. You want to have this as a career, right? Well no one gets rich quick and the only way to maximize your success potential is to make sure that you have a good name in the business and that no one can find anything bad to say about you.

Think Outside the Box and keep your eye on the prize! Don’t let the allure of a quick sale hurt you in the future.

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