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I hope that there are some of you out there who have found what we have been talking about here at Think Outside The Box Solutions informative and useful. Just to reiterate some of what we have talked about on here for any of you who may not have been keeping up or for new readers I want to go over a few things as a general overview and some of the most important things that we have gone over so far.

Put Yourself In Buyers Shoes

blueFor any new real estate agents out there we have always found it helpful and useful to suggest putting yourself in the position of your potential home buyers. Think about what you might be looking for if you were to be looking at a home you are thinking about buying.

The first thing you see is the outside of the house of course. There are a lot of agents out there who never really think to put much emphasis on the yard and property as much as the home and while you shouldn’t put the same amount of energy into fixing it up, it is still something to consider and keep in mind.

A piece of advice we like to offer and go into more detail in with some of our premium services is to have contacts with contractors and other service professionals that go further than home interiors and building services. Getting to know local tree care professionals can help make a house stand out before potential buyers even step inside. At one of our other offices we rely on many tree services from our good friends at tree removal Fort Wayne and having known them for many years we know that they are guys we can trust to really impress our buyers.

Once you have made sure the property and lawn is presentable, then you can really start focusing on the inside and this is where attention to detail is imperative. Keep in mind that any real potential buyer is going to be looking for reasons to move on to the next house so make sure every inch of your home is presentable and ready to impress.

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